Best Toilet Scenes in Film

Best Toilet Scenes in Film

You can’t beat a great toilet scene in the movies. In this day and age of shock’em when you can, there are many. Even the big stars have been known to indulge in private matters before the camera: it is feigned of course.

It is all for affect no doubt, and it works. The director wants to be “real.” Independent films are particularly prone to revealing scenes and we are all used to the sex stuff. It has been beaten to death. If you want an authentic feel, go with toilets every time.

We know. We are a casting agency that specializes in child actors. But we do have knowledge of the industry trends. Kids aren’t likely to appear nude or in the midst of peeing unless it is from afar. But anything goes for adults if the filmmaker doesn’t care about an R or X rating.

Okay, who has done it so far? The ones I can think of that show people in the tub or on the toilet are pretty funny, as it should be, and many are purely iconic. The most memorable include Pulp Fiction, American Pie, Dumb and Dumber, Lethal Weapon 2, Bridesmaids and many, many more. Okay, you don’t see much as the actors are wearing clothing and sitting down, most of the time.

Are moviemakers violating some kind of law of human privacy? Not according to the popularity of these films. None have been banned, as far as I know. I wonder how many parents censor them from little prying eyes. We take these scenes for granted and they are usually pretty short. Mercifully!

I am thinking of one showing pharmaceutical-grade laxative-induced immediate-onset diarrhea. No kidding. Sitting on the crapper is the stock of movie humor as in Something About Mary or Herald and Kumar Go to White Castle. Most often, bathroom scenes are about juvenile shenanigans, but it is not always so.

Toilet scenes can add grittiness to a tough subject in criminal films and some earthy dramas. Events happen in toilet stalls, even if the protagonist is not literally on the john. The head dunking in True Lies was pretty gross and the bathroom fight in Pineapple Express wasn’t much prettier. In Jurassic Park, the character of Donald Gennaro meets an unsavory end getting eaten by a T Rex while sitting “on the throne.”

Don‘t discount the bathroom and toilet scenes as they can get really imaginative. But how much do they add to the plot? Up to you to decide. Some of us like pee pee caca humor for a good laugh. It works every time. Others like the shock value of revealing scenes as in Trainspotting. However, I don’t plan on taking a poll.

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